Search Engine Optimization Tips To Help Your Business

SEO Tips to Get Noticed and Make Money Online

If you want to make money online, much of the SEO advice out there is outdated and ineffective. There are really two ways to make money online: either sell something or help someone else sell something. You need to drive traffic with good SEO strategy.


If you’re selling something, leverage SEO to help you get noticed by potential customers. Whether you offer eBooks or a landscaping service, you have to get noticed to get clients. If you’re helping someone else sell, you might be posting affiliate links to buy products on Amazon, or driving traffic to someone else’s site by doing SEO work for them.

SEO Strategy

1.Write about people.

If you want a celebrity to read your site, write about them. This strategy not only could land you a guest post or comment from one of your idols, but it will link searches on this person to your site, helping you gain traffic. If you review someone’s book, they’ll link to your site and bring you a new market.

2. Review a product.

If you’re trying to buy something, you search google for a list of reviews. Think like someone searching online. They are going to want to read something that specifically compares Product 1 and Product 2. Get into the head of someone looking and write about the pros and cons of each. Title your article with the product names in a faceoff! When I was searching for the best travel backpacks, a post titled “The Minaal 2.0 vs. the Tortuga” helped me narrow it down. Or you can search something like Bend SEO vs Portland SEO if you were doing a brand search. You get the idea I think.

3. Share a recipe.

You’d be surprised how much traffic recipes bring to sites. If you’re good looking and write a protein breakfast shake recipe, other people are going to want to hear what you’re making. If you have a passive income site where people come to check out this recipe, you can sell all the gear that goes with it from a blender, to recipe e-books, and more.

4. Write about terms people are searching on Google and YouTube.

Use Google Add-Ons like Keywords Everywhere to see the volume of searches for a string of terms. When writing posts, remember to keep to simple language. Think of plain language people would actually type into a search engine and use those terms in a natural way throughout your article. Don’t keyword stuff, but write longer articles free of grammatical errors and include lots of pictures. Copy the url to your images so google will also associate them to build your traffic.  

5. Become a “trusted authority”.

This can take several years, but it pays off when visitors to your site actually see you as an expert or celebrity in your field. Why? You need to establish trust to build a fanbase and also to sell your products. The best way to start becoming an authority on a topic is to write honest “How to” articles over 1,000 words long. Answer every single comment posted on your blog and don’t try to sell anything from your site for over a year. Form friendships with people in your topic field and mention their sites in your articles.


If all of this sounds a little difficult for you, you might want to consider hiring a professional to help. I would search something like “search engine marketing Portland” to find the best person to help you out. You will find quite a few results and I would choose between the top 3 results and interview each one. Go with your gut and you should be pretty safe in the end. Anyone in the top 3 will know what they are doing, especially #1.